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Holter Test In Delhi

The Holter test is performed on a Holter monitor. The device is a small and wearable which keeps track of a heart rhythm of a patient. Our doctor may want a patient to wear a Holter monitor for one to two days. During that stipulated time slot, the device records all of the heartbeats of each individual patient. A Holter monitor test is often performed after a traditional test which checks the rhythm of the heart (electrocardiogram). This is especially done in order to have the accuracy in results and information when the electrocardiogram doesn't give a doctor enough information about your heart's condition.
Our doctor uses information captured on the Holter monitor while performing the Holter Test In Delhi in order to figure out that a person has a heart rhythm problem or not. If Holter monitoring doesn't capture the irregular heartbeat of a patient then our reputed doctor may suggest a wireless Holter monitor which can even work for weeks. Sometimes carrying or wearing a Holter monitor becomes inconvenient but it's an important test which helps the doctor to diagnose the condition of a patient and get proper cure of that.
If a person feels or has signs and symptoms of the heart problem like an irregular heartbeat or unexplained fainting, then our doctor may order a test which is known as an electrocardiogram. An electrocardiogram is a brief, noninvasive test which uses electrodes taped to a chest and check the rhythm of the heart beats. However, it also happens that sometimes an electrocardiogram doesn't detect any irregularities in the heart due to hooked up to a machine for a shorter time period. Over that time when this happen, the Holter monitor is used to detect all the irregularities in your heart rhythm despite electrocardiogram. Our doctor also orders to wear a Holter monitor if a patient has a heart condition which increases the risk of an abnormal heart rhythm.